Welcome to Buffalo Lane where attitude and accoutrement intersect--or in other words, where you will find an eclectic collection of jewelry and accessories to reflect your own unique style and persona.

We are two sisters from the west who have relocated to the east coast.  Though there's twelve years between us, we bond over fashion and a love of all things hip and beautiful. Through the years we have noticed that many women are actually afraid to "come out of the closet" wearing what they love and what makes them feel confident and authentic.  So often we take our cues from what everyone else is choosing and lose track of what we like and what truly "speaks to us." Like many interior designers will say, "if you love something, it will work in your home."  We believe it works the same way with jewelry and fashion, if you're drawn to it, it's yours; now get out there and stop traffic!

We are proud to say we hand select and choose our inventory in person, therefore guaranteeing great quality at an excellent price.  We never simply choose our jewelry from a online picture then redistribute it to you.  We work with incredible designers and vendors and are having a blast choosing unique, beautiful, on-trend pieces for ourselves and for our store.  Our merchandise reflects the looks we love and jewelry we wear on a daily basis.  We hope you enjoy your stroll down Buffalo Lane.

- Jayne and Jennifer


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